Hi! I'm Tina and this is piece of my life. I'm a mother to 2 girls that keep me very busy. When I'm not hanging out with my nuggies, I'm working on my business. I love a good drink with great company, traveling, learning new things on youtube, lynda,  etc and meeting new people.

I've been a Las Vegas resident for almost 3 years and absolutely love it here. While the desert may not be for some, I find the desert landscape to be breathtaking. Some may find it odd being that I grew up in Hawaii where everything is green and it rains year round. How could I possible love the desert?! While they are two completely different environments, I see the beauty in both places. Hawaii will always have my heart, but I am so thankful that I am lucky enough to be able to explore the world beyond the islands I call home.

Honestly, I've always wanted to have a consistent blog and failed many times. This blog is to remember the moments that seem to just fly by when you become a parent. I hope to be able to look back here when my children are grown and for them to be able to see and understand everything I went through to be able to be their mother. 

I hope to be able to also help any other person who may find my advice and stories helpful in their journey as a parent. We're all in this together! It truly takes a village.

- Tina