9 Months Already?!

Ems is growing like a weed. Her trend is flying through all her milestones within a matter of a few weeks. At 5 months she still wasn’t rolling over. Within two weeks after she turned 5 months she figured out how to roll over, crawl and stand up and cruise! This month she went from no teeth to sprouting 6 teeth and took her first steps all within two weeks.


Why do they have to grow up! *ugly mom cry

Maia (my first born) was very steady with her milestones, one every month or so if any. She barely crawled and it seemed like her first year was in slow mo. I couldn’t wait for her to walk. With my second, I can’t seem to stop her. I really can’t keep up with this one! With that difference I truly cherish these days at home more. I hug and kiss my girls a little extra and I’ve been taking so many more photos than the first time around! I’m pretty proud of that because I am the worst at taking photos.

Those teeth!

Those teeth!

Happy 9 months Ems!!

Hello, World!