Baby on a Budget

With your our first baby, almost everything was brand spankin' new. We were lucky to have so many amazing friends and families gift us with practically everything we needed. While I was so grateful, I realized that all that money could have been put to good use elsewhere since some things you end up using for only such a short amount of time. Of course, being a first time mom you don't realize that.
This time around I knew I wanted to buy whatever I could second hand not just to be frugal, but it's so much better for the environment! Here's my list of things that I bought secondhand, items I decided to get new and some tips on how to have a baby on a budget.

Items I Bought Secondhand and how much I paid for them Used:
I chose to buy these items secondhand because they are so easy to find used! Most of the items are used for less than a year, if not at all sometimes. Our first daughter didn't really like the crib so she only used it for a few months! We ended up selling it for half of what we paid but it was in mint condition and whoever bought it saved so much money. 

  • Stroller and Car seat Combo ($60): When purchasing your car seat please make sure to check the expiration date. Yes, they do expire! I purchased this set used on Facebook Marketplace and it looked brand new! I saved $240 buying it used.
  • Bottle Drying Rack ($5)
  • Sit Me Up Seat ($15)
  • Baby Play Mat ($20)
  • Feeding Chair ($30)
  • Baby Toys ($5) 
  • Baby Bath ($5)
    All items that I purchased used were from Offerup, Facebook Marketplace and consignment shops.

Items I Bought New:

  • Pack N Play or Crib ($50): I chose to buy this one new because I found a great deal on Amazon during black friday sales and it was almost the same price of finding it used. 
  • Baby Bottles & Nipples ($50): My daughter preferred a certain brand and I couldn't find it used. If you do buy them used, make sure to get brand new nipples and sanitize!!
  • Manual Breast pump ($30): This is one item I will never buy used. It's just a personal decision because I feel that with feeding supplies you have to be extra careful. Someone told me once that old breast pumps can harbor mold so it's always best to buy brand new. 
  • Clothes ($100): I bought new and used clothes along with reusing some of her sister's clothes but I thought I'd place this here as well. For our first daughter we were gifted so much clothes it was incredible. While I did appreciate it, most of the clothes was just not in my taste. While I returned what I could, many items I could not and just chose to put my baby in them. I know it's JUST clothes, but this time around I refuse to put my child in anything that I don't like. With the first I felt pressured from everyone to put her in clothes that they bought her. Now, I look back at her photos and cringe at times because I just can't stand her outfits! I hope I don't come across as spoiled or ungrateful, because I'm not. I feel like so many of us try to please everyone and there is no need to. It is our baby and it's our choice of what we want to put on them, buy for them, etc and shouldn't be guilt tripped for it. When you pop a baby out, please feel free to put your child in whatever you want and don't feel bad! 
  • Auto Rock n Play ($60): I would have loved to find this used but I just could not at the time I needed it.
  • Feeding Bowls & Utensils ($15): Again, you could buy them used but for me feeding items are more personal so I like to buy these new.

Items I Reused: We moved to another state so the only thing that we had saved was clothes and swaddles. We got lucky with having the same gender for our second child so I reused what I wanted to. It had also been 5 years since our last child so most items had to be purchased again.

There are a ton of other baby items that you could buy as well but I feel like these are items you'd use the most in your baby's first year. As you can see, you don't need to spend a lot of money on baby. I bought almost all of this stuff for less than $400!!